Aspiration Training
“It is definitely more engaging. Smart Assessor is very up-to-date and with the times for the learners and they fell like they are getting modern and up-to-date technology.”

SmartVLE Client Showcase
– Vocational Trainer

City College Coventry

“I have the Smart Assessor App on my phone, on my surface and laptop, so I can use whatever medium I need to get in and answer the questions or queries that come up while I am doing an assessment.”

SmartVLE Client Showcase
Tony – Plumbing & Gas Assessor

Derwentside College

“It guides the learner through the process of training and development, so the learner can take ownership from day one and follow the resources we have planned.”

SmartVLE Client Showcase
 – Tech & Innovations Manager

Leicester College

“The learners find it really useful because if they need any help they just drop me a text and we do a Smart Room… so it helps them support their knowledge and understanding.”

SmartVLE Client Showcase
Tony – Assessor

Calex UK Ltd

“It’s really good, as in everything is together, it is really easy to access, it is easy to navigate around and the apprentice sees it exactly as I see it… there is absolutely no way that they can’t progress with the qualification.”

SmartVLE Client Showcase
 – Field Based Assessor

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