Need to test knowledge?

Create knowledge test questions
on any topic and link to resources
quickly and easily with SmartVLE.

Functional Skills Maths, ICT and English

SmartVLE is pre-loaded with Functional Skills Maths, ICT and English questions and resources out of the box.

Create Relevant Learning

Make learning more relevant for your apprentices by creating a truly personalised learning journey.

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Author questions and organise into a range of assessments, linked to learning resources, to support the learner throughout their Digital Learning Journey.


Deploy your assessments securely, with automatic marking providing instant results.


Track and analyse your tests to monitor progress and results, which can be shared with stakeholders.


Blend assessments and resources with other technologies, such as Smart Assessor for a truly personal digital learning journey.

Need to test knowledge? Create any knowledge test questions quickly and easily, flag which are the correct responses and SmartVLE will automatically mark the test instantly providing results. Link online resources to test topics to help apprentices learn about the topics they didn’t answer correctly. SmartVLE already has Functional Skills Maths, ICT & English initial assessments, diagnostics and resources.

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Smart Virtual Learning Environment (SmartVLE) is an online self marking question and answer technology which can be used for any topic you design questions for.

Once your employer chooses an apprentice use SmartVLE to build initial assessments to personalise their apprenticeship learning journey by discovering their knowledge gaps.

By uploading learning resources to your initial assessment topics apprentices

are taken to the resources relevant to their knowledge gap which means that online learning is personalised and can be consumed when and where it’s convenient for your apprentice.

Maths and English remain a considerable challenge for training providers to deliver dynamically to their apprentices without a grade C or 4. To help you meet this challenge SmartVLE is pre-loaded with Functional Skills Maths and English questions and resources.

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